• Chloe

The Wolves Among Us.

Throughout the last few years I had access to UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Now it has closed to the public I wanted to share some of my favourite photos of the wolves.

Wolves are beautiful creatures as part of the canine family and is well known to travel in packs. This is common for the wild as well as in captivity.

The Wolf Trust had Four packs that I had the honour to Photograph are; The Arctic Pack - Sikko, Pukak and Massak, The Beenham Pack - Nuka, Tala and Tundra. Then their is Mosi and Torak, Then finally Mai and Motomo.

I decided to go and photograph at the sanctuary for two reasons, one because I wanted the chance to photograph more animals and whats better than a photography day and keeper for the day with wolves?

The second and the main one is that wolves I believe are my spirit animal, you can judge me for it if you want but it's something i've believed for a long time since i've dreamt of wolves for years. I even adopted one of the wolves for a few years her name is Tundra, who turns out to be the dominate female in the group but also very shy when it comes to the public. For me a shy female as well it felt like the perfect match that i had truly found my spirit animal in Tundra.

Here are a few photos i got of her. She was always called the shyest of the wolves;

Even though it is now closed (Closed on the 29th August 2018) The shoots I got to do there and the days I got to visit will forever mean the world to me. Such magnificent creatures, they will live there lives now with the owners and the volunteers.

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